Sun-Inside-Mix-Travel Network 9

podcast; experimental; abstract; noise; glitch; ambient; mix

01-Heddy Boubaker-xy²[A.M.P - RECS]
02-Set Controls-Orange Sunshine (II)[Brainstormlab]
03-Max Scordamaglia-After AP & ML - Part 3[MAV [0kbps] Records]
04-RALLY!-Museo Diego Rivera
05-Franz Rosati-Nanosonics [Brusio Netlabel]
06-Brusio Vol. Zero-Brusio Vol. Zero[Brusio Netlabel]
07-Eigenheimer-Wafeti bok[rec72]
08-Zoologic-Familiar Hole[Classwar Karaoke]
09-Calla Soiled-The End[MarginalRec.]
10-North Bay - Thorough Masterminds[Black Hymn Records]
11-Tiziano Milani-n°2 variations for piano and insects[capillarywaves]
12-Monoiz-Multiplied Phoneme[Crazy Language Netlabel]
13-Trollhead - Elohim[Bedroom Research]
14-Sun-Inside - Spiral[Section 27]

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Whats good this is S. Gram with a new hot track about always being fresh with something exlusive. The instrumental is a fire mainstream type track made by Low Profile. Please subscribe I also have 11 rap battles on my channel against opponents like Uno Lavoz, Screem, Lexx Luther, and many more!!

Sirona News


Mikhail Yousiv - Cutter Tracks (ZIP) [Listen]

32 to 128kbps - August 2012


Sean Derrick Cooper Marquadt - Selestina / Amarin (ZIP) [Listen]

320kbps - August 2012
Soundscape / Drone / Noise


Psykiatriks - Hop Hop Free Your Mind Mix (ZIP) [Listen]

320kbps - August 2012
Hardtek / Tribe / Old School / Mixlive


Golgotha Communications Ltd. - Live at the Urheimat Festival (29 April 2012) (ZIP) [Listen]

285kbps - August 2012
Experimental / Live Recording


Mstr Cylndr - Comparative Displacement (ZIP) [Listen]

320kbps - August 2012
Chip Music / Garage Punk


Sister Soleil - Haunted EP (ZIP) [Listen]

320kbps - August 2012
Alternative Rock / Ambient / Trip-Hop


Peppermint Pony + Pogohm - Split the Spliff (ZIP) [Listen]

32kbps - August 2012
Micromusic / Techno / Lobit


Isoleren Lawaai - On/Off EP (ZIP) [Listen]

320kbps - August 2012
Dark Ambient / Electronica / IDM / Ambient


Vincent DeVine - Wer von fernen Menschen träumt (ZIP) [Listen]

320kbps - August 2012
SynthieViolence / Anti-Pop / Garage / Electronica / Punk / Grind / German Poetry


Television Sky - Endless Surface (ZIP) [Listen]

320kbps - August 2012
Ambient / Drone